Not only does our country have competitions dedicated to the act, we have several holidays that are based on devouring food. Unfortunately this passion for everything edible has left a good portion of our populace overweight and in poor physical health. Eating the right foods is essential to maintaining one’s health and by making the right food choices; dental health can get a boost as well.

Thankfully our country is filled to the brim with affordable food options. Despite that, a whopping portion of the population is considered to be either obese or overweight. When it comes to maintaining a healthy smile and weight, consumers should try to eat a diet of less processed foods such as fruit, vegetables and whole grains. Some of the best food choices for dental health include:

  • Tap Water: Since the 1960s, many of America’s water supplies have had the added power of fluoride. Scientific evidence has shown that fluoride helps prevent tooth decay. Luckily nearly 70% of the population drinks fluoridated water and tap water is considered to be the most cost effective way to get fluoride and help your teeth.
  • Fiber: Recently it seems that fiber is being added to every breakfast food to your diet. Although there are some health benefits associated with fiber additives, natural sources are best. Eating raw fruits and vegetables loaded with dense fiber, will help remove plaque and build up from teeth. Apples, carrots, cucumbers and pears are both tasty and great for your teeth.
  • Low Fat Dairy: If you love your moo juice, then switching to the low-fat version will be good for your waistline and smile. Dairy is rich in calcium, and calcium is crucial to maintaining strong teeth and bones. Low-fat yogurt, milk and cheese are not only tasty, but great calcium sources.
  • Nuts: For those who prefer to eat lower on the food chain, nuts can help get the necessary calcium into your diet. Plus nutmeats are rich in magnesium and phosphate, to vital compounds for good dental health.
  • Whole Grains: Whole grains are rich in B vitamins, magnesium and iron, and more pasta and bread makers are getting in on the action. Not only are whole grain foods delicious, the vitamins and minerals support dental health.

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