Entering adulthood can be an exciting time involving new schools, responsibilities and friends but the physical and psychological changes associated with the process can be extremely stressful. At this stage of the game hormones can wreak havoc on what was what flawless skin, teeth may require braces and looking in the mirror can be kind of tough. Daily, concerned parents struggle with these problems and try to ease the pain for their struggling children and focusing their efforts on their kid’s dental health now may help ensure a lifetime of smiles later.

One factor that has a negatively impact on juvenile dental health is video gaming. Admittedly parents that try to limit their child’s gaming activity will get the gas eye, but a new study reveals that teenagers committed to video gaming are probably going to have more dental issues than their non-game-playing counterparts. Research results presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Association for Dental Research have shown that gamers have twice a greater risk of developing tooth decay than their more active counterparts.

The dental problems associated with video gaming has nothing to due with flying joysticks, it comes from the association between that type of activity and unhealthy snacking. Teens are often focused on playtime and nibbling and sipping can leave excess, sugary deposits on their teeth. The longer the residue sits, the greater the bacterial and acid levels will become thus promoting tooth decay.

Perhaps your little angels have an active lifestyle, excellent oral care habits and healthy diets. Even the healthiest of children can have dental problems associated with how their teeth are growing into their mouths. Teenagers sporting metal grins to correct the problem are common as orthodontists know that corrective dentistry started during the teen years will generate the best results. The look can hinder their confidence which is essential in this human, developmental stage.

Invisible corrective braces have been growing in popularity, but retainers have also been successfully used in correcting minor smile imperfections like gaps between teeth. Either way, both types of appliances must be worn per dentist instructions to get the best results, however the look is less sever than traditional braces.

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