If you have stones that are less than 4mm in diameter you should be able to pass them naturally while urinating, it is when they are larger than 5mm that you will encounter difficulties and will need to look for alternate treatments.

You may notice some symptoms like blood in the urine, urine that has a bad smell or looks a little cloudy. If you do have blood in the urine, it could be a symptom of something else and needs to be looked at by your doctor. When blood appears in the urine it is not always an indication of kidney stones.

You would benefit from a blood test, as this information can be useful to find out if your kidneys are having trouble removing wastes from the body.


For stones that are in the mid or lower ureter area, a treatment called ureteroscopy may be used, which does require a general anaesthetic. This method has been considered the best in removing kidney stones with a 95% success rate for those that have tried it.

Removing kidney stones is possible through the use of a flexible telescope that is very slender. This telescope is passed through the ureter at the level where the stone is and from there it is either extracted or fragmented or both.

Shock wave lithotripsy

This method of removing kidney stones uses sparks and electro-magnetics to create a shock wave. There are two ways of doing this; one is through a bath or through the use of a cushion filled with water, which is then placed against the skin. The medical professional will use an ultrasound to direct the shock waves directly towards the problem area. The most common method used is the water bath and a patient will usually be half submerged in the water.

The shock waves can break up a kidney stone so that it can then be passed through the urine.


This treatment is not a prescription medication and can successfully reduce a stone through working directly on the stone. If you have this problem and leave them untreated and they are not able to pass through the urine, a great deal of damage can be done over the long term.

You may also consider some natural treatments that can be effective in removing kidney stones. There are a lot of options for you to consider.

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