While many people find this to be very beneficial, others are hesitant to try it because of some disadvantages. The use of this treatment is said to help cure certain health disorders but in some studies it also shows that its use could have bad side effects too. It is generally considered relatively new as compared to other medical procedures done in health establishments and may be one of the reasons why some are not yet convinced to try it.

One of the big benefits of undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT therapy) is that it is very versatile since it has the capability of helping eliminate many diseases and among the most popular ones are gas gangrene, autism, and cerebral palsy. It is also said to help cure other types of diseases which are not mentioned but it remains to be seen since it has yet to be backed up by credible research and medical studies. Another big advantage of the use of this treatment is that the patient does not have to be admitted in the hospital or in clinics to undergo it. A treatment session could be scheduled by a medical expert and the patient can go home after the process is done. Thanks to modern technology, a portable hyperbaric treatment is now available making it more convenient to employ. If it is applied appropriately, the future for hyperbaric therapy could be bright.

On the other hand, this therapy has also a downside to it. First of all, for a patient to have an effective treatment, one session is not enough. A single session is costlier as compared to other medical treatments so one should have a bigger budget to choose this procedure. Another disadvantage is that it may cause bad side effects such as ear drum and lung damage if not used properly. This treatment may not also be ideal for all people since it has some contraindications. Those who have heart ailments, are pregnant, and has other diseases must seek special consideration from a doctor before being allowed to have this therapy.

Those benefits and disadvantages should be weighed carefully before undergoing the said medical treatment. Though as of present there are only a few cases of complications with the utilization of this hyperbaric therapy, it would still be best to seek professional advice first. Since portable chambers are now available for public use, it is also recommended to make sure that the equipment is operated by a professional medical technician or a doctor to avoid misuse which could cause accidents and other health issues. If you are planning to try this medical process, additional research on relevant topics about it could help a lot.

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