Care and precaution should be followed by both the doctor or dentist and the patient. Dentists and orthodontists should especially be careful when using such a powerful periodontal tool because they are in close proximity to the eyes. The face and eyes in general, should always be well protected during dental procedures. Here are some safety tips for the dentist and patient when a dental laser is in use.

The first tip is safety. The laser should always be operated under safe working conditions and in a clean and sterile environment. A dental diode laser emits strong rays of laser radiation that can be dangerous if used without being safe. Because they emit such strong radiation of laser beams, they can damage the tissue in the mouth, face, and the eyes. The damage caused from lasers can be irreversible especially if there is eye damage. The dentist or orthodontist using the laser tool should use extreme precaution and safety. The environment needs to be controlled and without chaos.

The next tip in using a laser during dental procedures is to have the right protective equipment. This is important for both the dentist or orthodontist and the patient. Dentists exposed to the laser every day should always remember to use the right protective gear so they do not cause any damage to themselves. A dentist should have proper training and manuals to use the laser. Adequate training is crucial when using such a powerful laser tools. Protective equipment such as protective eye glasses are a must. You do not want the laser to touch any part of the face that is not being worked on. If the office needs to be modified to fit the equipment, then room medications may be a necessary protective measure.

The most important tip for using a dental laser is to have proper eye protection. Anyone who is in the room while the laser is in use should be wearing safety eye glasses. The wavelengths from the laser can pierce through normal glasses, so both the patient and dentist have to wear the proper glasses. The laser should never be turned on or used if anyone in the room does not have their eyes protected from the laser beams. The eyes are very sensitive and any damage occurred to them can cause blindness.

Another safety tip is to have open communication. The dentist should have their patient agree to the service being completed with the use of the dental diode laser. If you are a patient you should ask questions before the procedure and not while the dentist or orthodontist is working on you. The dentist should also be free to answer any and all questions. Dental assistants should also be a component of the communication and should fully understand the use of the laser. Being safe can prevent irreversible damage and will allow for a smooth procedure and office visit.

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